1. Contracting parties may enter into bilateral agreements to second liaison officers from one party to the police services of another contracting party for a specified or unspecified period of time. Judgment 2003-02-10, Case C-187/01 (Huseyin Goz-tok – Klaus Bregge – C-385/01) ( ] External Sources: InfoCuria The principle does bis indem, Article 54 of the Schengen Agreement of 14 June 1985 between the governments of the States of the Economic Union Benelux, the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic concerning the phasing out of controls at their common borders, signed on 19 June 1990 in Schengen, also apply procedures for which prosecutions are excluded, such as. (b) the proceedings involved in the main proceedings, where the prosecutor of a Member State terminates the criminal proceedings initiated in that State without the participation of a court, as soon as the accused has fulfilled certain obligations and has paid a certain amount of money. 4. Contracting parties may agree, in a bilateral or multilateral framework, that liaison officers of a contracting party seconded to third parties also represent the interests of one or more other contracting parties. Under these agreements, liaison officers seconded to third countries communicate information to other contracting parties when invited to do so, or themselves, and perform, as part of their jurisdiction, tasks on behalf of those parties. The parties inform each other of their intentions with respect to the secondment of liaison officers to third countries. 1. In accordance with relevant international conventions and in view of local conditions and technical possibilities, the parties set up telephone lines, communication lines and other direct links, particularly in border areas, in order to facilitate police and customs cooperation, particularly for the timely transmission of information for cross-border surveillance and repression. Your email address is used to notify you if your comment has been verified by the moderator and the article author or moderator should contact you directly. – In view of the security and illegal immigration risks, ministers and secretaries of state stress the need for effective controls at external borders, in accordance with the uniform principles set out in Article 6. In order to implement these uniform principles, the contracting parties must, among other things, promote harmonization of working methods applicable to monitoring and monitoring procedures.

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