Sasuke finds Boruto in Naruto`s office and tells him he`s going to save Naruto. He may feel Naruto, but not tell if he is injured or not. The other four Kage show up and say they will also save Naruto. Sasuke tells them that Kaguya`s manuscripts revealed where Naruto was taken, and they come out. He stops asking if Boruto will come, very much to the disagreement of the Kage. Sasuke persists, for he is Naruto`s son. They accept and leave to save Naruto. “You`re really close, aren`t you? Kurama is usually not caught with strangers, it is beautiful, do not think Kushina? “Naruto stood still, when his father raised the bucket full and threw hot water over his head, he heard his mother buzzing in agreement before sneering. Neji then said in agreement “Yes, just don`t show your true shape and you`re going to make it single again……..

and maybe a virgin. Naruto emerges from the ground in his office when suddenly he throws a parchment. Sasuke enters the room and tells him of his own from Kaguya`s palace. Naruto is happy to see him, and opens the parchment, but it is in an unknown language. Although Naruto has a bad feeling. Sasuke explains what happened when he found the palace, Shikumaru automatically believed that the arrival of the clan `tsutsuki means that another war will take place. Naruto says they must be careful, they cannot provoke another war like this. Naruto seizes his chance and sniffs out, where he was struck with a beautiful red fox. Who was his half-brother Kurama? When he returned to his door, he turned off the lights and returned to his bed, his hands rubbing against his heavy eyes. Naurto climbed the steps and sunk on his orange ceiling, as he sinks deeper into the familiar heat, while his eyes close, while a sigh of content escapes from his lips. Neji stiffened and said “the d-deal was that if I won, I would be king of their kingdom for a week and if I deserved it would get one of our most attractive servants from the princess, and unfortunately itachi won the game”. More than two and a half years later, Naruto and Sasuke were reunited.

Sasuke was much more ruthless this time and could still go after Naruto. The rest of the village began to abandon him and Sakura tried to convince Naruto to do the same, but he refused to give up.

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