The gta storage and handling contract applies to the storage and/or storage and/or storage of goods in service. For any request for this document, please email the NWPGP President under This reference data was compiled by GTA in conjunction with the Industry Working Group, which was created to verify and evaluate the variety codes to be used. Submissions are now accepted on the application of the developed database. Rental differentials allow members to rent the track contract on one of the upcountry-reeval sites. These tables must be careful. They are not designed to allow the pricing of another contract-related alternative. The document describes the chemicals allowed to use after harvest and the maximum residue limits (MRSA) applicable to cereals in the Australian domestic or export market. MRLs apply to cereals returned during the 2020/21 season. The industry is encouraged to familiarize itself with this document to ensure that Australian cereals continue to meet market requirements for chemical residues. Defined regions clarify the regions to which treaties generally refer.

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