Victoria Public Transport has the option of extending the franchise contract by 12 months until December 31, 2013. In November 2006, Pacific National, which had purchased Freight Australia, entered into an agreement to sell the remainder of the Victorian rail rental service to VicTrack. [21] The sale was completed on May 7, 2007, with V/Line becoming the track manager of the Victorian intracting network. [43] Full control of V/Line was taken on October 1, 2003 by the modification of the interest in V/Line, making the government the sole shareholder through a newly created legal company, V/Line Passenger Corporation. [34] [35] V/Line works under a franchise agreement with the Director of Public Transport. The director also leases railways and other infrastructure that the director leases to VicTrack, the agency that owns Victoria`s land and rail infrastructure. Subsequently, Mr. Pinder acknowledged that the financing was part of a “loan contract” between him and a Transclean employee; The same partner was responsible for managing the company`s contract with V/Line. Mr. Pinder told the Board that he intended to reimburse the employee and that he did not know what salary she was holding on.

11 converted to Class A, others gradually retired under the victoriaways from 1982 and continued under V/Line. V/Line currently uses the myki ticketing system in its S-Bahn services, in addition to machine-printed paper tickets issued by busy V/Line stations, selected suburban premium stations, v/line ticket agents, online or by telephone. Passengers boarding unmanned stations or stops with bus lights can purchase tickets from the driver or bus driver. In 2015/16, the subsidy per passenger was $22.12. [46] Neither Metro nor V/Line commented during the IBAC procedure. “I was a figurehead. The decision to spend the money was not mine,” he said. The suspended executive was also questioned about the appropriateness of a decision by V/Line`s board of directors to delegate in May 2018 the authority to extend Transclean`s contract for up to four years, with expenses of more than $20 million.

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