Hello Shanda, I fully understand the frustration. I recommend talking directly to Bluegreen to see if they have any internal options to help you do this. Note that cancelling third-party timesharing is rarely successful. ResponsibleExit.com has a lot of resources on the right track if you`re trying to find relief from your belongings. If you are ever interested in selling your timeshare, Timeshares Only is a member of ARDA and we have an A+ rating with BBB as the accredited company. You can call us at 1-800-213-7733 or email info@timesharesonly.com. Timeshares Only has over 25 years of experience in supporting owners who can be discharged from their timeshares. We put hundreds of buyers every day, we trust the best developers and we are named the number one recommended service. As industry experts, we strive to help you sell your Bluegreen timeshare with confidence and security. One of the most popular advantages of Bluegreen Vacations is the ability to use the bonus time for highly discounted resort stays.

Bonus Time gives owners access to Bluegreen Vacations Resorts for last-minute trips without having to use their points. Bonus time is reserved exclusively for owners who are listed in their favorable property agreement and, therefore, guests cannot be sent in their place. Hi, Lori! Thank you for contacting us. If you would like to put your Big Cedar Timeshare up for sale, please call us at 1-800-213-7733 or email us at hello@timesharesonly.com and one of our Bluegreen experts can tell you about the publication of your property. We look forward to your audition! Depending on your circumstances, you can opt for the rental of your Bluegreen points. Whether you`re not ready to give up your belongings or can`t sell them yet, renting is a great option to make some money in the meantime. Those looking for bluegreen resellers love the excellent amenities, excellent customer service and exciting sights that Bluegreen offers. What should you not like when you have access to more than 60 stations in the brand`s portfolio? More than 200,000 owners only contribute to the popularity of the brand. Bluegreen Vacations began in 1986 as a small business that returned residential properties in Massachusetts and is a high-time-sharing brand that today leads the industry.

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