Get fast escalation, access to a premium support technician, and expert access to our self-service knowledge base. Not only do our experts understand your needs, but they can also anticipate them. With a wide range of support programs for customers and partners, Check Point Support strives to help you maximize your technology to gain a competitive advantage in your business. Direct Enterprise Support provides direct support by check point experts so you can get the most out of our solutions. Collaborative Enterprise Support offers local experts who are supported by Check Point, who understand your specific needs and speak your language. 1 For the determination of the authorization of retroderivation up to 15:00 hours of the regional lifting time; Otherwise, shipping will take place the next business day with a one-day extended delivery destination.2 Available at more than 250 locations worldwide.3 The next flight/express shipping is possible in the European Union and the Americas. . . .

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