The Secretary encourages the manufacturer and the state to develop mutually beneficial audit procedures. Commentators have also suggested that CMS should at least require the state to provide the manufacturer with claim-level data necessary for the verification or review of drug use status data. The Medicaid Drug Rebate Program provides mandatory discounts on innovative drugs (e.g.B. brand-name drugs), blood clotting factors, drugs authorized by the Food and Drug Administration only for pediatric indications, and non-innovative drugs (e.g.B. generics). [1] The maximum discount is limited to 100% of the manufacturer`s average price (AMP). Answer: We have decided to remove the phrase “in certain cases” from the sentence on the use of FDA information, so that the provision is now as follows: “CMS uses pharmaceutical information listed in the FDA, such as.B marketing category and type of drug, in order to verify whether an NDC meets the definition of a covered outpatient drug…

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