It is not a mandatory contract, but it is a contract. You can get out of it at any time by paying the fine. In my case, the early cancellation fee is $US 230. But it`s reduced by $10/mo. After a year, it would only be the remaining $120 cancellation fee. Which might be worth it if you can save more than $10/mo We recommend the performance package for low-cost Xfinity Internet. This plan offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps for 39.99 $US per month for 12 months with a one-year contract. You agree that the Xfinity Service(s) and Equipment may only be used for personal, private or non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise authorized in writing. You may not resell any or all of the Services or authorize or authorize them to use or authorize, directly or indirectly, the Xfinity Equipment or the Services for any unlawful purpose, including, but not limited to, violations of the guidelines we publish for the Services. The use of Xfinity devices or services for the transmission, communication, or storage of information, data, or materials that are contrary to U.S. federal, state, or local laws or regulations is prohibited. You acknowledge that you are accepting this Agreement on behalf of anyone using Xfinity`s devices and/or services on the premises or at other sites authorized by us and that you have the sole responsibility to ensure that all other users understand and comply with the terms of this Agreement and all applicable policies, including, but not limited to, our acceptable use and privacy policy (

You are responsible for any authorized and unauthorized use of the Services and agree to notify us immediately in writing or by telephone at 1-800-XFINITY during normal business hours if the Xfinity Device has been stolen or the Service(s) are used without your permission. If you do not notify us in time, the Services may be terminated without notice and additional fees may be charged. In the past, I had written a very old article on Get Rich Slowly, which highlighted how you can reduce your Comcast bill – and given the real chat transcript that reduced my costs by 33%. This article is outdated because no one has had much luck with their live chat team in recent years. Perhaps Comcast management has read this article and decided to “harden” the live chat team? About seven years ago. 2 nhl strikes ago I cancelled my $49.99 package and got a cheaper package. Today, my package costs around $12.00 per month. I don`t know if they still offer a basic/basic cable. Maybe I`m a grandfather.

You called recently to offer a bundle. No thanks, I`ve been using the online chat channel to reduce my bill for years. .

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