This article will explain the role of federal leaders in understanding the often overlooked assumptions that make up the tacit psychological contract between leaders and supporters. [1] The article then briefly describes the five ethically related roles of Covenantal leadership and the implicit message conveyed to employees when Covenantal Leader honors each of these roles. Federal leaders recognize that inviting others to achieve results must be embossed with the provision of resources and authority to achieve those results. Empowerment is an ethical obligation that allows others to succeed, understand the obstacles they face, and empower them to perform tasks for which they are responsible. [17] The leaders of the Confederation know that empowerment means supporting team members in all aspects of their responsibilities. [18] Covenantal leadership emphasizes not only ethical responsibilities, but also the sacred nature of leadership as an alliance or reciprocal promise, consisting of commitments that management guru Tom Peters called “sacred trust.” [4] Federal leaders exemplifies their values and inspires through their integrity in modeling what they believe. [11] Your moral covenant is to keep commitments and promises, including implicit promises related to organizational values. Savvy leaders recognize the need to educate themselves with team members about how they are fulfilling these implicit obligations – critical elements of the psychological contract that are often overlooked. [12] [4] Available in the video “Recession – Sacred Trust” available online on You Tube under Peters stresses that it is important for leaders to help people lead better lives. Covenantal leadership continues to move to the helm of leadership – and today`s successful leaders commit to this level of optimal personal performance for themselves and their employees.

Only by listening to their employees, understanding their expectations and respecting the implicit elements of employee expectations will these employees be the committed, innovative and productive partners in today`s competitive global marketplace. [19] Covenant leaders create learning organizations. [13] They realize that the improvement process requires them to show others how to succeed. They understand that the key to great performance is understanding how to improve and that team members expect to receive the feedback and coaching, so important for personal growth…

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